Steve Gallagher Launches Creative Talent, Inc. and Connects With ConnectPal

Boca Raton, Florida, September 4, 2014 – Veteran broadcaster and former Sun Broadcast Group EVP, Steve Gallagher announced today the formation of Creative Talent, Inc., a broadcast talent agency focused on talent, content management and representation.  

In making the announcement Gallagher said,” We are in a new age and never before has the power of the personality and content creator been more important.  Never before have there been more platforms, distribution channels and opportunities for all creative talent to advance.”

“At Creative Talent, we are committed to representing the most talented personalities and content creation companies and providing them with the individual attention for them to amass huge success and reach their full potential.   

Steve Gallagher has a very diverse talent and management background. In his many years of work in broadcasting, he has earned a reputation as someone with high ethics, insight and being well connected.  Prior to network radio and syndication at SBG, Gallagher spent 25 years in broadcast programming and market management and has guided the careers of many high profile celebrities and air talent in all stages of their development.  As a digital media specialist, he launched the massive custom music system for the Borgata Casino and Spa in Atlantic City when it opened.

It was also announced today the strategic alliance between Creative Talent and syndicated Talk Show host Andy Dean’s platform that monetizes digital content,  Steve Gallagher said, “I am very excited to be associated with Andy, who is at the forefront of what the digital revolution has created for personalities, content and distribution.  ConnectPal’s possibilities are endless.  

Andy Dean said, “Steve Gallagher gets it.  Steve is a forward thinker and his great talent relationships are the key to unlocking the future of content distribution.  I am extremely excited to work with Steve and Creative Talent, Inc.”

About Creative Talent, Inc.  
Creative Talent, Inc. ( is a broadcast talent agency focused on talent, content management and representation and is committed to serving the talent and content creation community with new opportunities, new expectations and new technologies.  Email:

About Andy Dean and
Andy Dean is a political commentator well known to television and radio audiences.  Andy developed ConnectPal so any person or group can monetize their digital content. is based in Los Angeles, CA.