Jason Skaggs is a two-time Mercury Award winning writer, producer, jingle creator and branding specialist for 20+ years.  As the Director of Creative Services at WGN, Chicago, he directed all local advertising commercials and created custom campaigns, jingles and messaging for clients as well as custom jingles and stagers for talent and shows.  Along with a wide range of character voices, Jason is a skilled drummer, guitarist, bassist and pianist and puts it all together for amazing brand building audio.  Jason is a frequent guest speaker and award judge, too.


Afrika Perry has characters with a lot to say. A voice over actor with 15+ years experience and thousands of radio commercials and PSA's including Motown the Musical, JC Penney, Apple Music, iTunes Radio, Cirkopolis Miami, 411 Pain and many others.  Characters voices include: Adolescent Girl, Exasperated Woman, Southern Woman, Happy Homemaker, Mean Mom, College Age Girl, Business Woman, Kindergarten Kids, Seductress, 13 Year Old Nerdy Boy and others. Gifted mimic of all dialects and accents.


John Merriam has been in voice over for 20+ years with thousands of projects using a diverse set of styles for just about every type of business imaginable. Documentaries, long form DRTV, narration and commercials. Clients include Microsoft, Cabinets to Go, AVG, Kaspersky, Le Cordon Bleu, Shriner's Hospital for children and more. John was a finalist for Screencast of the Year in Techsmith's 2013 competition and has experiences in OSHA Compliance eLearning, medical and agriculture and hundreds of website and software tutorials.


Geri is "That Voiceover Girl" making a living with her voice and loving every minute of it.  Geri is well known for her radio and television commercials, radio imaging, voice on hold and IVR announcements along with many infomercials and narrations.

Geri is also the chosen voice for many corporate presentations, professional -Learning training presentations, tutorials and she is used extensively in the educational industry.  Geri also won acclaim for her voice work in the Children's Audiobook of Bible Stories.