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Creative Talent is a broadcast talent and management agency in the business of representation, brand and content management and business management and development for broadcast talent.

Creative Talent negotiates contracts, guides careers, develops business, presents new opportunities and provides various financial, operational, recruiting and management services to its business partners and roster of broadcast talent.

Contract Negotiations - Separation Agreements
This is your job, your career and your life; however, you are not trained to represent yourself.  When you do the talking in a negotiation, you can’t help but be emotionally involved and easily intimidated. Creative Talent is committed to taking the stress out, negotiating the best deal possible on your behalf, maximizing your income, and orchestrating the most strategic career moves for your growth.

Personal Attention
As your career adviser, partner and confidant, you’ll be given feedback and close attention to your goals along with an unparalleled level of attention and service.

Representation, Placement and Contacts
Creative Talent works on your behalf to know where the opportunities are.  Our connections with producers, promoters, consultants, managers and corporate staff will make sure your brand is presented and heard.